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Cairds Campsite Etiquette

We are a small quiet family run campsite. To ensure all our campers and glampers enjoy their stay, please follow our simple campsite etiquette rules. Please be aware, failure to do so could result in you being asked to leave.


• Noise


  Please consider other campers & our neighbours at all times & respect our quiet hours.

  • Music should be on a low volume and not played after 10.30pm.

  • Our quiet hours are from 10.30pm until 8am. Please keep all noise levels to a minimum during these periods.

• Children


  Children should be supervised at all times especially in the toilet & shower areas and the dog walking area.


• Dogs


  While we welcome dogs on site, please ensure they are:

  • kept on a lead of no more than 2 metres at all times.

  • Please do not allow your dog to go to the toilet on the campsite.

  You are more than welcome to walk the mown path around our field but please ensure you pick up after   

  your dog.

  If staying in any of our glamping facilities, please kindly refrain from letting any dogs on the furniture.


• Smoking


  No smoking areas include:

  • The toilets & showers

  • The glamping pod

  • The glamping cabin

  • The bell tent


• Fires & BBQ’s


  We are more than happy for campers to have a fire and/or BBQ but please ensure they are not placed     

  directly on the ground. We have blocks you can borrow or alternatively we do hire fire pits for £10 which 

  is for the duration of your stay and includes 1 load of logs & some firelighters. Additional wood can be 

  purchased for £5 per load.


• Awning Groundsheets


  Please ensure awning groundsheets are breathable.


• Rubbish


  The rubbish bin on site is for everyday waste only.


  Please do not:


  • place broken camping equipment in or around the bins.

  • place hot ash or hot BBQ’s in the bin.

  We do have a bin for recycling. Please place your glass, paper, cans, plastic bottles, tubs and trays in this

  bin. Further details are shown on the label on the bin.


• Our Horses


  If the horses are in a field where you can say hello, you are more than welcome to do so but please do not

  go in the field with them & please do not feed them as they have specialised diets. Some of the horses are

  rescue horses so please don’t make sudden noises or wave your hands around them etc

• Arrival

  Campers can arrive from 2pm onwards until 9pm. If you are looking to arrive outside these times, please

  email for prior approval. Please ensure you sign in at our contact free reception area as we require these

  for health and safety reasons (for example: in case there is a fire).


• Departure


  Please vacate your pitch or glamping accommodation by Midday. This allows us to check the site ready for

  the next campers/glampers. Please ensure you leave your pitch or glamping accommodation in the state

  you would expect to find it when you arrive.

• Payment

  If the balance of your stay is being paid via cash then payment is to be made on arrival.

  Arrivals that have not pre-booked are welcome and payment is cash on arrival.

  Cash is to be placed in an envelope along with the signing in form and deposited in the letter box at


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our campers and glampers for adhering to the campsite etiquette and hope you all have an enjoyable stay.

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