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Facilities at Cairds 

Our facilities include:

  • Four electric hook-ups with between one and four connection points on each,

  • Two shower/toilet units with flushing toilets and showers (one unit has a heater),

  • Washing up area with a vented tap (as the water is being heated, it expands, and vents through the tap – this means that the hot tap will sometime drip a little) & 5 litre boiler,

  • Three drinking water points across the site,

  • Waste tank disposal for both chemical and waste water.

  • 1100 litre bin for rubbish (not to be used for disposing of old or broken camping equipment - please take this home),

  • 1100 litre bin for mixed recycling,

  • Contact free reception area for signing in, paying cash, obtaining your pitch allocation and/or collecting the keys for the glamping arch & cabin,

  • Fire pit hire and logs for sale.


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